Foot Hygiene

Best 11 Tips for How to Practice Good Foot Hygiene

Busy lifestyle has brought with it many new pains and discomforts too.

Many professions demand you to stand long or travel long.

Teachers, nurses, and many other people whose Foot Hygiene have to do a very tough job.

Standing long or overwork for the feet will create pain and tiredness on your feet.

You have to take care of your Foot Hygiene in the same way you take for of your health, or else, it will create chronic problems in the future.

Foot care is very very important for diabetes patients.

Their feet can suffer from loss of feel.

Thus they won’t be able to feel any sore, blister, or cut on their feet which will eventually develop an infection on the feet.

Diabetes patients also will have lower blood flow in the feet.

Infections can be very dangerous for diabetes patients.

It will even lead to loss of a leg or a part of the leg. So the thing is to manage your diabetes level.

You have to consult a doctor and take the necessary steps for it.

Your feet will remain healthy if you manage your sugar levels.

For healthy Foot Hygiene, good care of the feet is very important.

Here are some ways that will help you to keep your Foot Hygiene.

  1. Check your foot daily. Allot some time to have a checkup of your feet for cut, blisters, scars, or red spots. Take necessary first aid when you find anything unusual. If the wound or cut is major, consult a doctor. For the parts you feel trouble to see, you can use a mirror or ask the help of someone to check your feet for you.
  2. Wash your feet every day with warm water. Do not use hot water and do not soak your feet in the water because your skin will get dry. You can use talcum powder or constarch to keep the skin between your toes dry to prevent infection.
  3. Use lotion, cream, or petroleum jelly on the tops and bottoms of your feet to keep it soft and smooth. Do not put it in between your toes as it may cause infection.
  4. If you have corns and calluses on your feet, it is better to consult a doctor and ask for the best way to care them. Using a pumice stone is a very good option for treating corns and calluses. Rubbing them on the skin will make the skin smooth.
  5. Trim your toenails regularly. Trim them straight across and smooth the corners with an emery board or nail file, or else, nails will grow into the skin. Make sure that you do not cut the corners of the toenails.
  6.  Do not walk barefoot inside or outside. Wear socks or stockings with shoes to avoid blisters or sores. Select the shoes that fit your feet perfectly. Check the inside of your shoes for before you wear them to make sure that there is nothing that will hurt your feet.
  7. You have to protect your feet from both hot and cold. Wear footwear on beaches and hot pavements. Use sunscreen lotion on the feet when your foot is exposed to sunlight. If it is cold, wear socks to keep your feet warm.
  8. While sitting, put your feet up. Keep moving your toes every 5 minutes to allow blood flow. Avoid wearing tight socks, rubber bands or elastic around your legs. Smoking will also reduce the blood flow to the legs. So avoid smoking.
  9. Stay more active to increase the blood flow in the morning. Walk, run, dance or swim every day for some time to make your body physically active.
  10. After a long tiring day of work, make sure to massage your feet. It is good to use a foot massager for this so that you will not have to depend on others every time for a massage. Massaging your feet using coconut oil is also very good because it will increase blood flow and will make your skin soft.
  11. If you have peeling and dry skin, take necessary steps to improve your skin. Shea butter is a very good option that will make your skin soft and improves your complexion. Olive oil can be also used to treat dry skin. It will act as a natural moisturizer.

Choosing the right footwear also matters in taking care of your feet.

Foot Hygiene

It is better to choose walking shoes or athletic shoes for daily use because they will support your feet and allow them to breathe.

Vinyl and plastic shoes should be avoided because they do not allow the feet to breathe.

Make sure to buy the shoes that have enough space for your toes.

Shoes with pointed toes or high heels will put too much pressure on the toes.

So avoid wearing them quite often. Your feet will be largest at the end of the day.

So buy shoes at that time so that it will fit perfectly on your feet.

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